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Workvantage International Workforce Solutions Inc. is a licensed recruitment agency with more than 15 years of experience helping Canadian employers find qualified temporary and foreign staff to fill their labour shortages.

At Workvantage we understand that Canadian employers need a reliable and stable workforce to maintain sustainable economic growth.

Our team has a wealth of experience sourcing the right temporary and foreign workers for Canadian companies struggling with labour shortages and a high employee turnover rate.

Our recruitment process focuses on the employer’s labour needs. Whether they require year-round or seasonal workers, we can help employers find the right staff for their company.



  • Assessment of the company’s temporary and/or foreign staffing requirements: We consult with employers and their staff to fully understand the position’s requirements and design a recruitment plan. 

  • Recruitment through our worldwide agency network: Once we establish the employer specific requirements.  We send job orders to the members of our agency network to begin searching for the best candidates.
  • Selection process: Our agency network and our recruitment team thoroughly check references and have in-depth video interviews with potential candidates.
  • Language evaluation: We test the candidate’s language skills (English and/or French) as required for the position.
  • Document verification: We do all the necessary checks to guarantee the accuracy of resumes and credentials.
  • Comprehensive individual dossiers: These include references, education and training certificates, diplomas and past work experience that will be gathered for each worker.
  • Qualified candidates’ portfolio to the employer: We will provide the candidates’ resumes after they are checked and selected, allowing employers to choose from the best profiles.
  • Employer’s interview with selected candidates: Either in person or via video conference, employers will have the opportunity to meet the final candidates and select the one(s) they want to hire.
  • Complete assistance: Our team guides our clients’ companies and staff throughout the entire recruitment, application, and arrival process. Workvantage reviews all application forms to avoid errors and omissions.
  • Process Preparation: Our case specialists can assess all legal requirements to hire temporary and foreign workers, such as selecting the National Occupation Classification (NOC), wage rates, air transport, accommodation responsibilities, etc.
  • LMIA Assistance and Representation: Once the company has selected the candidates, we help prepare a solid Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) application. Canadian employers need LMIA approval to hire foreign workers. Workvantage ensures all requirements are met (salaries, labour conditions, advertising, etc) in accordance with the Canadian Government’s guidelines.
  • Recruitment Efforts: We advertise on our clients’ behalf through the Government Job Bank and many free and paid alternatives to comply with the federal and provincial requirements.
    • Representation Services: We act as authorized third parties and represent our clients before ESDC (Service Canada), minimizing the burden of having to deal with the Government 
    • Foreign Workers Visa Guidance: Once Service Canada issues a positive LMIA. Workvantage will refer our candidates to a certified Immigration consultant who will work on their work permit applications. This ensures that professional applications will be presented to minimize the possibility of a refusal.

We have total control of the whole process. Our recruiter experts and allied immigration consultants in Canada guarantee efficient and professional results. Workvantage deals with Canada’s Government to get the approval for your company to hire temporary and foreign workers. Here is our full recruitment process for seasonal workers:

Recruitment Process
Recruitment Process

Workvantage assists Canadian companies and employees by providing helpful information after the selection process:

  • We offer Information sessions to foreign workers before departure from their country of residence.
  • We can provide orientation regarding the provincial health system, labour and employment laws, taxes, public transport, Canadian banking, local organizations working with immigrants, weather, SIN cards, etc
  • We can assist Employers with airline ticket booking.
  • We can inform our clients about accommodation and relocation services.
  • We can offer customized training arrangements to candidates before or after their arrival in Canada (if required).
  • We can provide Permanent Residence Consultation for Foreign Workers to enhance foreign workers’ loyalty and commitment to their new position (if applicable).


Since we offer to handle every aspect of the foreign worker recruitment process, we are confident about our services’ quality. We provide a 3-month performance guarantee after the arrival of our year-round workers in Canada.

Are you interested in hiring foreign labour for your company? Contact us to get a free assessment!

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