Foreign Worker Recruitment Services for Canadian Employers

Workvantage International Workforce Solutions Inc. is a licensed recruitment agency with more than 16 years of experience

We offer services in English, Spanish and French.
We also work with Immigration Professionals licensed by The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). We are based in Toronto and Edmonton and are licensed as an authorized recruitment agency in every Canadian province and territory. Workvantage has a team of specialistsin local and international recruitment.

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We have formed a network of specialized agencies that allow us to source workers from different cultural and professional backgrounds. Our main members of our agency network are located in:

  • Mexico
  • Ecuador
  • Jamaica
  • Taiwan
  • Tunisia
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • St. Lucia
  • Kosovo
  • Australia
  • Kenya

We strive to match our clients’ requirements by working closely with the members of our agency network. Workvantage recruits qualified, highly experienced, and hard-working employees. We seek committed candidates who can adapt to the Canadian workforce and drastically reduce our clients turnover rates.

Workvantage helps Canadian companies hire seasonal or year-round, low-skilled or high-skilled foreign staff. We serve various industries such as hospitality, food processing and service, warehousing, construction, automotive, agriculture, mining, cleaning, manufacturing and electricity.

We are so confident in our services and clients’ satisfaction that we offer a 3-month performance guarantee.


From start to end Workvantage manages the whole staffing process:

  • We identify the employer’s labour needs such as education, experience, language requirements (English, French or other) and employment length for the open positions.
  • Our network of agencies seeks candidates who fit the profile and present us with several options.
  • We filter and interview candidates and make sure they will be able to perform the duties.
  • We present our candidates to our clients who will have the opportunity to interview them via videoconference.
  • We handle the LMIA application and represent our clients with the Canadian Government. 
  • Our allied certified consultation companies expertly handle foreign worker’s immigration applications (work permit and travel visa).
  • If needed, we also offer guidance on booking airline tickets, health, accommodation, and relocation services.
  • If required, we provide companies and new employees with orientations to adapt quickly to their job in Canada.

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