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Workvantage has a wealth of experience finding the best foreign workers in the market.

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Malee Chanthara

  • + 3 year farming experience.

  • Licenced to apply chemical fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides and pesticides.

  • Knowledge preparing soil, since plant bulbs, seeds and cuttings to graft, bud plants and transplant seedlings .

  • Extensive experience in fertilizing and potting mediums.

  • Experience operating tractors and other machinery to fertilize, cultivate, harvest and spray plants. 

  • Experience working under GMP regulations.

Thian Pham

  • + 5 year farming experience as greenhouse supervisor.

  • Certified knowledge in horticulture.

  • Knowledgeable regulating greenhouse and outdoor irrigation systems.

  • Expertise monitoring plants for healthy growth in greenhouse crops.

  • Quality assurance during the preparation of products for sale.

  • Supervisor on inventory and stock control (plants, fruits and crops).

  • Customer service skills in gardening and plants care.

  • Management of greenhouse equipment and computer controls.

  • Experience working under GMP standards.

What is the process?

We have total control of the whole process. Our recruiter experts and allied immigration consultants in Canada guarantee efficient and professional results. Workvantage deals with Canada’s Government to get the approval for your company to hire temporary and foreign workers. Here is our full recruitment process for seasonal workers:

Recruitment Process
Recruitment Process

Why Choose Workvantage?

Hiring Foreign Workers

Our Foreign Worker Agency's Benefits

  • Very competitive fees.
  • Short visa processing times.
  • Hassle-Free government paperwork (Labour Market Impact Assessment, LMIA).
  • Customized foreign Worker recruitment.
  • We recruit our foreign workers from Mexico, Ecuador, Jamaica, Taiwan, the Philippines, St. Lucia, Kosovo, Vietnam and Tunisia.
  • ICCRC authorized Immigration Consultants.
  • 3-month performance guarantee
  • Seasonal and year-round contract positions.
  • 100% compliance with Canadian law
  • We offer free, no-obligation interviews with prospective candidates.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Benefits of Our Foreign Workers

  • Highly experienced, qualified and hard-working foreign workers in many fields
  • Loyal foreign workers committed to long-term employment
  • Friendly, adaptable, team-oriented foreign workers
  • Live interviews via video-conference
  • Settlement assistance
  • Ecuadorians, Mexicans, Jamaicans, Taiwanese, Kosovans, Vietnamese, St. Lucians, Tunisians and Filipinos have successfully integrated into the workforces of the United States, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Canada and The United Kingdom
  • English is the first language of Jamaica and St. Lucia, the number one foreign language spoken in Ecuador, Mexico, Kosovo, Taiwan, Vietnam and the official language of The Philippines
  • Sample Profiles

Contact us for a free evaluation of your company’s case! You can call us or send us an email at We speak English, Spanish and French.

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