HIRE Essential Occupation Workers

Despite the current economic conditions, we understand that many Canadian employers still face challenges when hiring a skilled workforce. This occurs especially in certain occupations that cannot be filled with local workers.

Timely access to qualified staff can make the difference between your company and your competitors.

There are also companies needing low-skilled or seasonal workers for the 2021-2022 season. Click here for more information.


Workvantage has helped business owners throughout Canada for more than 14 years. We are licensed to recruit foreign workers for companies in all Canadian provinces.

  1. We identify your particular company’s labor needs and work with you to find the right profile for the position.
  2. We work with Service Canada to get their approval through an LMIA application to hire foreign workers for your company.
  3. We will carefully preselect and present you with suitable candidates that you will interview via videoconference.

We have complete control over the whole process. Our expert recruiters will work with our network of agencies worldwide and/or directly recruiting overseas candidates to find the right workers for your business.

Recruitment Process - Seasonal Foreign Workers
Recruitment process- Seasonal Foreign Workers Mobile

Note: Hiring seasonal workers requires to begin the recruitment process with enough time in advance.

We can help you find employees for the following areas:


  • Greenhouse workers.
  • General farm workers (e.g., chicken catchers, truck drivers, livestock handlers for dairy and poultry farms, as well as aquaculture).

Food Processing workers:

  • Food processing workers for meat, fish, poultry, fish plants, dairy plants.
  • Food packaging workers.

Delivery workers:

  • Restaurant employees to support take-out and food delivery operations.

Manufacturing workers:

  • Workers who support the metal distribution supply chain (like metal manufacturing, metal-casting, parts-assembler, and machining.
  • Production and distribution workers for forestry products.
  • Mining workers.
  • Oil and gas workers (materials and product manufacturing).

Healthcare Workers

  • Hospital, and laboratory staff. 
  • Support workers and caregivers that can provide critical personal care for people with disabilities.
  • Workers that can perform special aid equipment maintenance.

Are you interested in hiring essential occupation workers? Please call us or fill out the form below to get a free assessment of your company’s requirements.

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