Canada is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants in the Americas, if not globally. Its vast uninhabited territory is a magnet for workers of all kinds. However, what are the most prevalent occupations to find work in Canada? We will show you the most common jobs in Canada to make your job hunting easier.

Of the 37.6 million people living in Canada, a little more than 18.1 million have jobs. With an unemployment rate of 10.2%, Canada offers a variety of jobs for high-skilled professionals and trades workers.

High-skilled workers

Registered nurses are one of the most looked for jobs in Canada. And with an ageing population, the need for skilled nurses to work in elderly-care increases every year. There are only 300,669 registered nurses in Canada, and it needs 60,000 more by 2022. A nurse can earn between CA$41,438 and CA$128,000 a year.

Unsurprisingly, it appears that the health sector in Canada needs high-skilled workers. Pharmacists — as well as medical professionals — are in high demand. There are 45,651 registered chemists, and each can make between CA$94,849 and CA$117,566.

Apart from the medical industry, the business sector needs a little help too. Business management consultants, or sales associates, are in high demand. Business consultants can earn between CA$78.000 and CA$132,000 a year. By 2022, there will be 49,300 new openings.

And as the population of Canada increases, new job opportunities arise, especially in the IT industry. At least four in ten workers in Canada have work-from-home jobs. That’s an astonishing 38.9% of the workforce. Thus the need for web developers and software developers, as well as software engineers and designers. IT professionals can earn up to CA$62,522 annually.

Trades workers

Canada is also in need of trades workers of all kinds. Drivers, welders, and heavy-duty mechanics are some of the most common occupations across the nation. For example, qualified welders can earn between CA$33,150 and CA$67,685 a year, while commercial drivers and truck drivers can make between CA$34,125 and CA$84,609 annually.

Given Canada’s vast territory and considering its terrain and weather, commercial truck drivers are among Canada’s most essential workers.

Electricians, as well as heavy-duty mechanics, are in high demand too. Electricians can earn between CA$60,000 and CA$100,000 annually, while heavy-duty mechanics can make CA$46,800 and CA$94,897 a year.

Canada for everyone

Whatever your skills are, Canada is the place for you. Let us help you with your application to increase your chances of obtaining a work permit and make your dreams come true in Canada. 

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